Explore the Watershed

Before You Go

Trails are open from dawn to dusk. All plants, animals, and natural features are protected. Stay on the trails. Click here to visit our preserves page and plan your next adventure. 

Trail Ratings 


Easy: Mainly flat dirt, mowed grass, or paved/crushed stone surface. Occasional roots. Generally suitable for most walkers and hikers. 


Moderate: Trail surface may be uneven due to roots and rocks, have slight inclines or steeper sections, and may include steps, ladders, and stepping stones. Generally suitable for beginner and more experienced hikers who want a bit of a challenge. 


Please note: Trail ratings are subjective and surface conditions may change with weather and time of year - an easy trail may become more challenging following a rain event or if blocked by a fallen tree. A number of trails are near streams and other waterways with poorly drained soils. If you leave footprints, the trail is too wet to use. Please be mindful to limit trail damage. 


Winter Advisory: In the event of snow, note that we only plow the parking lot at our headquarters at Four Mills Nature Reserve--as soon as staff are able to safely get there. All other parking lots are not plowed and trails are not shoveled. Use your best judgement when visiting and stay safe.


Things to consider before you or your pet wade in the creek >>


Encouraged Activities

  • Hiking & Trail Running 
  • Wildlife Observation 
  • Leashed Dog Walking (pick up after your pet!) 
  • Horseback Riding -- Trail etiquette for equestrians
  • Photography  
  • Nature Journaling 
  • Painting or Drawing Nature


Prohibited Activities


Bike Trails

Although the majority of our trails are not built for and do not allow bike riding, there are several suitable biking trails close by: 


Ft. Washington State Park, part of the Montgomery County Parks system, maintains a 2-mile stretch of the GRT that is paved and allows biking


The Crossways Trail connection in Blue Bell is paved and allows biking  


Wissahickon Trails'  Dodsworth Run has paved trails accessible to bikes


The Forbidden Drive Trail is a 7-mile, bike accessible, trail along the Wissahickon; it also connects with other trails built specifically for mountain biking  


The 202 Parkway Trail connects three towns – Montgomery, Warrington, and Doylestown – on its 8.4 mile route paralleling the scenic byway


And if you want to really get out of town by bike, check out the Circuit Trails, a 5 county, two state trail network in Greater Philadelphia.