Things to Consider Before Getting in the Wissahickon Creek

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To splash or not to splash?


Things to Consider Before People or Pets Wade in the Wissahickon Creek 


  • Giardia (parasite) & Leptospirosis (bacteria) are commonly found in natural waterbodies and can make humans and pets sick.
  • When it rains, stormwater flowing over roadways and parking lots picks up pollutants on its way to the creek, and those contaminants can linger. Do NOT enter the creek during a rainstorm or afterwards when water is deep, fast-moving, or carrying debris.
  • When the creek is low in the summer, the water is primarily comprised of treated effluent from wastewater treatment plants upstream. While safe, it's not very appealing.
  • The Wissahickon Creek and its tributaries do not meet state water quality standards for supporting aquatic life, meaning that stream health is compromised, or 'impaired'.


If you or your leashed pet decide to wade in the creek, get cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid waterborne illnesses.


Pets should be discouraged from drinking from the Wissahickon Creek and its tributaries.