Physical Accessibility at Wissahickon Trails 2023 Survey

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Wissahickon Trails is excited to make our preserves as accessible as possible for the broadest number of people, because everybody deserves to be able to get outdoors and enjoy time in nature. We are seeking input from people who live in or regularly visit Southeastern Pennsylvania and have an accessibility challenge or a disability that impacts their ability to get out on trails and into nature, or who are a caregiver for someone with a disability. This survey is part of our ongoing work with accessibility consultant, Freya McGregor from Access Birding, LLC, to learn more about how to make our trails more accessible for people living with disabilities and other access challenges.


Please complete the survey by August 22, 2023.


We are collecting this information to help inform future accessibility improvements to Wissahickon Trails preserves. It is likely that not all requested access improvements will be feasible to implement due to environmental, structural, regulatory and/or financial restrictions, however we are excited to explore as many accessibility improvements as possible. Your answers will help us understand which improvements matter most to the Wissahickon Trails community, and help us prioritize which ones to begin working on first and keep in mind for the future.


Please answer the survey questions about your own personal experiences, or the person for whom you are a caregiver, but not for anyone else. This will help us gather information about one person at a time. If you have a disability and you are a caregiver of someone with a disability, please answer just for yourself the first time you complete this survey. If you would like to complete the survey with or on behalf of a person for whom you provide care, complete it a second time thinking only about their access needs. 


The survey is anonymous, and sharing your email address with us is optional. If you do, this will allow us to follow up with you, if needed, to clarify your suggestions. Only Wissahickon Trails staff and consultants will have access to this information, and your responses, if shared with others, will be deidentified. 


There is no specific benefit to participating or not participating in this survey, and you are free to stop at any time. There are a total of 12 questions, with 5 optional questions at the end about you. This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.


If you have any questions about participating or need this survey to be provided in another format, please email Margaret Rohde, Conservation Manager, Wissahickon Trails at or call Wissahickon Trails’ office at 215-646-8866.


Complete the Survey


Thank you for being willing to share your experience, perspectives, and recommendations with Wissahickon Trails.