New Green Ribbon Trail Map


We're thrilled to share the new Green Ribbon Trail map! We created this map with our community in mind. Through conversations and surveys from the past several years, it was identified that creating new trail maps is a top priority. Providing tools for the community to access and enjoy these protected lands is at the heart of our mission.  


We made sure to include walk-in access points, SEPTA regional rail stations, and green spaces that are connected to the 12-mile trail. You can also experience a birds-eye view of the Wissahickon watershed in Montgomery County, complete with all of our preserved open space.  


Visit the Green Ribbon Trail page and click "Download Trail Map" to save it to your mobile device or print at home. We plan to have these 13.75" X 18.75" maps professionally printed--and able to fold down to the size of a wallet--this winter! If you would like a printed copy of this map now, we are happy to mail you a less-fancy version. Email to request your copy.  


Stay tuned--all of our preserve maps (9 in total!) will be ready for you to use by Fall 2020. This initiative to update our maps was made possible by the generosity of 88 donors from our community and funding from Merck


Click here to download the Green Ribbon Trail map.  

Click here to download the Four Mills Nature Reserve map.