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Margaret Rohdei
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About Wissahickon Trails

For over 60 years, Wissahickon Trails (formerly Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association) has worked to engage diverse communities of people to protect and enjoy the land and waterways of the Wissahickon Valley in Montgomery County, PA. We have preserved and actively maintain nearly 1,300 acres of open space on 12 preserves with 24 miles of trails, we monitor water quality, and provide recreational and educational opportunities for people of all ages. Our partnerships with neighbors, activists, and local governments are essential to our work. Together, we use preservation and scientific innovation to strengthen our local ecosystems. 


Birdathon Participant Information 

If you’ve selected Wissahickon Trails as your Birdathon fundraising beneficiary, please use this link to make any donations: https://bit.ly/3NMa0tT


Share the above donation page with your teammates and please be sure to include your team name (if you have one) on the form.  


All funds raised by you and your team will directly support efforts to preserve and restore habitat for birds and all wildlife. Thank you! 


Questions? Contact Lisa Hansell at lisa@wissahickontrails.org 


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What Your Donation Supports

Open Space Preservation 

We continually work to protect new areas already connected to preserved land, those that border or contain a stream or creek, and those that are important habitat for wildlife. 


Habitat Improvement 

Birds serve as indicators of environmental health. We focus on special projects to support species like wood thrushes, scarlet tanagers, willow flycatchers, field sparrows, and chimney swifts, which are present in the Wissahickon but facing population declines.  


Wildlife Monitoring 

Bird surveys help us understand which birds rely on our preserves throughout the year, and allows us to document if and when changes occur. One way we monitor birds is by operating a summer banding station at Crossways Preserve – the information collected tells us about how our land management is impacting birds, and helps direct our conservation actions. 


To learn more about our bird conservation initiatives and where your donation dollars would be used click here.  


Thank you for your support and happy birding!