Community Science


Language matters, and Wissahickon Trails aims to choose language that makes every person feel included in our mission. With this in mind, moving forward, our “Citizen Science” program will be called “Community Science.”  Citizenship has no bearing on anyone’s ability to participate in the data collection that supports our monitoring and restoration efforts and we want our program name to reflect that.  From now on, our collaboration with others to learn more about our environment will be referred to as our “Community Science” initiative, and those participating as “Community Scientists.”   


From our Salamander Monitoring and Monarch Tagging Projects, to our Creek Watch and Conservation Crew Programs, our goal is to gain greater knowledge about, and care for, the living things and the living systems around us. To achieve this goal, we must do more than collect information, we must bring together a community of people who share a passion for the natural world. Everyone has something to contribute to this work and nature needs every one of us.  


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