Wissahickon Trails receives $250 for trail project from ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Grant Program


Wissahickon Trails applied for and was awarded a small grant to help us replace a bridge on a section of the Green Ribbon Trail in Ambler. A 14ft wooden bridge that crossed a small tributary to the Wissahickon had suffered storm damage in Tropical Storm Isaias in 2020, and then was washed away and further damaged during Hurricane Ida this year. With support from ExtremeTerrain, we were able to cover the costs of replacing the bridge. 


Since bank erosion along the tributary occured in recent years, the new bridge is longer at 16ft and better-spans the width of the tributary. Trail users can now cross safely and our Conservation Staff are again able to cut this section of trail using our small tractor, which the previous bridge could not support. The new bridge is also secured with earth anchors and (we hope!) will be more resilient to future flooding events. You can learn more about ExtremeTerrain's grant program here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/clean-trail-initiative-program.html.

Thank you ExtremeTerrain!