Wissahickon Trails Office Closed for Renovation

B)2017 Jamie Stewarti

**February 18, 2023 Update**

Great progress is being made with our Barn Renovation project. The core electrical and plumbing is all roughed in and framing is almost complete.  The Staff Decorating Committee has selected most of the finishes (counters, paint, flooring, etc.).  Our general contractor, Elevate Construction, is feeling confident about a mid-Spring completion.


**October 14, 2022 Update**

The time has come for the Four Mills Barn renovation to begin. It’s been a journey and we are thrilled to say that all contracts have been signed and permits issued. Everything and everyone is out of the Barn so that the construction crew can work their magic. If you visit Four Mills Nature Reserve, you may notice construction vehicles but parking is still available to access the Green Ribbon Trail. Staff will not be onsite, the office and courtyard will be closed, and bathrooms will not be open to the public.  


Thank you again for your support of the Four Mills Barn renovation. Learn more about the renovation. 


Please note:

  • The parking lot at Four Mills Nature Reserve will remain open for the time being, visitors should follow all signs and stay tuned for further information regarding construction and parking lot closures. 
  • Staff will be working offsite and can be reached via email or phone. Visit the Contact Us page for more information. 
  • Public programs and events will continue as planned, visit the individual event pages for location details.   
  • The Green Ribbon Trail will stay open throughout the renovation. 
  • Construction updates will be added to the website, social media, and constant contact emails. Click here to join our email list.  


Thank you to all of the community members that supported this renovation and made it a reality. If you would like to learn more about the renovation, visit: https://wissahickontrails.org/news/invest-in-the-future-of-four-mills-barn